Any Data. Any Application. Any Platform. Any Device.Any Data. Any Application. Any Platform. Any Device.

Welcome to a new era in Business Analytics, where companies are no longer restricted within the walls of their offices and geographical locations, where data & applications can virtually reside anywhere, on any platform which users can access any time using any device.

To remain competitive in this new era, companies must start to adopt innovations in Cloud Computing and transform the way it captures, process and analyze its data whether on premise, in private/public cloud, or via hybrid infrastructures.

Info Alchemy offers next generation cloud-based operational & analytical applications to help companies succeed in todays Business Analytics and Cloud Computing landscape.


Info Alchemy Cloud Applications are KPI/KRA-aware and Dashboard-enabled. Easily monitor your mission critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using the same application. Quickly analyze your Key Result Areas (KRA) using your own dashboard.

iWMS – Cloud-based warehouse inventory application for cold storage and dry goods management. Enables companies to actively track the movement of their inventory in near real-time. Provides visibility into warehouse operational KPIs and inventory KRAs thru its integrated dashboard.


iHMS– Cloud-based Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) system for end-to-end HMO operations. Integrates Account Management, Membership Availments, Claims Monitoring, Billing & Collection modules into a single application. Provides insight into key process KPIs and critical KRAs via its                                                   embedded dashboard. Click here to view and download our brochure

iHotel– Your comlete solution to manage your hotel! Fast and Easy to Use • Simplify your Hotel Operations • Intuitive Calendar • Cloud Based App • Secure Online Backups                                              Click here to view and download our brochure

Lumesse– Lumesse Learning solutions present cloud-based training platforms with easy access to learning materials, online courses, tests and exams. Unique and flexible, all data is secured and results are readily available for easy monitoring and tracking.



Info Alchemy Analytic Applications are predefined Business Intelligence reports, dashboards and analysis that are ready for deployment on the cloud out of the box. Analyze your mission critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Result Areas (KRA) to uncover actionable insights, patterns, trends and conduct root cause analysis for effective decision making.

Sales and Profitability Analytics – Cloud-based Sales and Profit/Loss analytics for multi-store retail shops or branches. Provides visibility of actual versus budget revenue & COS performance per product, per branch, by area or location. Consolidates sales and profitability information for a near real-time analysis of product and branch                      performance.

Sales and Inventory Analytics – Cloud-based Sales and Inventory analytics for multi-store retail shops or branches. Provides visibility of revenue & inventory information per product/SKU, per branch, by area or location. Integrates data across branches for an in-depth analysis of sales and in-store product quantity in near real-time.

HMO Utilization Analytics – Cloud-based Member availment and utilization analytics for Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) companies. Delivers valuable insight to HMO operations in the evaluation of actual member's utilization versus budget. Provides analysis of member availment patterns and trends across accredited hospital,                    clinics and healthcare providers.

Pawnshop Analytics – Cloud-based Customer analytics for Pawnshop & Money Changer businesses. Allows Pawnshop operators to analyze revenue and cash management requirements across all branches. Identifies patterns, trends and seasonality of transactions. Delivers valuable insight to Pawnshop operations in the evaluation              of actual revenue versus budget.