Capitalizing on Cloud Computing for Business Advantage

Cloud computing, a new popular paradigm in IT, is transforming every enterprise, regardless of its size or industry sector, in a significant manner. Many enterprises have gained significant benefits by adopting cloud computing services. Different types of cloud computing services from several vendors are now available and their adoption has been rapidly growing. Several factors have led to cloud computing’s emergence as a new IT service delivery model that appeals not only to the IT industry but also to individual users, businesses, educational institutions, governments, and community organizations.

Cloud computing is now a strategic priority for many enterprises and IT professionals around the world. The key to success in using clouds to your advantage is to have a clear understanding of clouds’ potential and limitations and to effectively leverage the new opportunities cloud computing offers to your advantage, minimizing the risks.

The two-day workshop delivered by Dr San Murugesan, an international expert and corporate trainer in cloud computing with vast experience, will help you gain relevant comprehensive cloud computing knowledge from managerial and business perspectives and address the questions that executives have in using cloud services. It will also help you to develop a cloud strategy that suits your needs and business goals. The workshop will discuss the cloud’s current status and selection of cloud services and service providers, address key considerations in adopting cloud services and explore the new paradigm’s transformational potential.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is meant of all mid-level and senior managers, project directors, team leaders and executives in business, industry and government organisations. No prior knowledge of computing is necessary, and this workshop is targeted at both managers and executives in IT and non-IT areas.

Why to Participate in the Workshop?

Participation in this workshop will help you to understand several key aspects of cloud computing – principles of cloud computing, cloud services currently available, applications that are better suited for cloud, and deployment considerations. It’ll also help you comprehend how cloud computing can create a competitive advantage, understand the cloud pitfalls, create your cloud strategy and successfully mange cloud deployment minimising risks and addressing concerns. You will gain the expertise you need to align cloud computing with your firm's overall business-technology strategy and oversee the cloud adoption at different levels in an enterprise.

Topics of Coverage:

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing characteristics
  • Types of cloud services and cloud deployments
  • Promise of Cloud Computing to business and industry
  • Cloud limitations and concerns on cloud deployments
  • Cloud service providers
  • How businesses can use Cloud Computing
  • Managing security and privacy in clouds
  • Service Level Agreement (SLAs) for cloud services
  • Business and managerial implications of Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise cloud strategy
  • Real-world cloud applications and case studies: What we can learn from them
  • Cloud trends and implications

 *Training to be delivered by Info Alchemy a Licensed Training Provider of GSTF and Certification will be given by GSTF except for Cloud Computing Advanced/Specialists which will be jointly by GSTF and Exin.