An Overview

With the emergence and fast growing of Business Analytics, organisations need to embrace an astonishing amount of structured and unstructured digital data, and need to advance from SQL to NoSQL technology to store and handle the data   before analyzing it is inevitable. MongoDB, a new open source database focuses on the ideas of the NoSQL (Not Only SQL) approach.

Certified NoSQL Analyst (MongoDB) covers:

  • Different ways of implementation to store and handle data that can be modelled as a document format
  • Concept of big data, role of big data analytics in business, data/information architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence, NoSQL approach, data mining techniques and NoSQL & analytical tools.
  • Basic principles of MongoDB, key features, operations, data model and MongoDB architecture.
  • Introduced to the different data types in MongoDB, its schema design, create-read-update-delete operations, other MongoDB operators and index.
  • The different data mining techniques through an open source analytical tool RapidMiner.


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 Course Code: PH-CNSA